Say Hello to b.

Version One (V1) Device

To validate our concept and gauge interest, we quickly developed our initial "b" device using funds raised from family and friends, as well as a successful crowdfunding campaign.

While our first customers provided positive feedback, we have identified enhancements for our Version 2 (V2) device to offer an even better experience.

Version One Feedback

User Feedback:
  • Include ability to adjust airflow
  • Add LCD screen for users to select
    breathing exercises, view breathing metrics, etc.
  • Develop more styles of mouthpieces
  • More color choices

How It Works

Please follow these instructions to get your b up and running.

For additional support, please see the FAQs at the bottom of this page or email

Step #1

Charge your device.

Underneath the white insert in the box is a charging cable. Use this cable to charge up your b device.

Step #2

Download our App.

While you wait for b to fully charge, download our free mobile app.
iPhone App Store
Android App store

Step #3

Breathe to start.

b wakes up when it senses your breath.
Take a nice long exhale and b should turn on immediately.

*If the lights fill up from the bottom, wait until they're on then start breathing.
When b detects no breath happening it will automatically go to sleep.

Version 2 Device

V2 Status.

We are currently in the process of raising $500,000 to manufacture our improved V2 device.

Ahead of this, we've added a manufacturing partner to our team and secured a Letter of Intent with breathwrk, who will market and distribute the V2 device to their extensive user base and social media following.

For more information on our fundraising efforts, please refer to our investment deck, here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer — To help reduce stress and improve focus.

Long answer, millions of people have attempted to start a breathing and meditation practices because they've heard about the health benefits. Yet, many fail to cultivate a regular practice because there's nothing holding them accountable and no way to track their progress.

b is here to change that!

You can, but are you? Be honest, during a regular day, are you taking time to just breathe? It's made all the difference to us.

Also, you can walk, exercise, drink water and sleep by yourself, yet there are products built specifically for each of these because people need someone or something to hold them accountable. b does this by sending you daily reminders to breathe and shows you tips on how to improve your breathing habits.

It takes roughly an hour to fully charge your b.

Once it's charged, exhale for several seconds to turn it On.

With a charged device, exhale into b for several seconds to turn it on.

In order to see your breathing on the mobile application, make sure your Bluetooth is On then begin breathing.

After downloading the free breathe with b mobile app and ensuring your Bluetooth is on, start breathing with b.

After a couple seconds your b will connect and you will see your breathing data on your mobile device.

Hop over to the Breathing exercises to stream one directly to your b (your b device must be on to stream exercises)

Yes, the mobile application is free to download. We will offer a premium option in the near future with advanced analytics and more breathing lessons.

Absolutely not!

b has absolutely zero chemicals, oils or aromas. Unlike smoking, b actually improves your lung strength and capacity by encouraging regular breathing practice.

Nothing but technology!

b has absolutely zero chemicals, oils or aromas inside.

b is for anyone that breathes :)

For real though, we built b for people looking to reduce stress and improve focus. We found this applies to many different types of people Stressed Employees, Athletes, Commuters, Students, Entrepreneurs and more.