Breathing is our Superpower.

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Breathing unlocks superpowers.

The more you breathe with b the better you'll feel. 

What is Breathwork?

How does b work?

b uses hardware and software to teach you science backed breathing exercises used by yoga experts, psychologists, athletes, and Navy SEALs.

The Hardware

The Software

Unlock Your Superpower

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Who is b for?

The short answer, all of us.

Breathwork helps reduce stress, boost energy, increase focus and improve athletic performance.

Stressful Situations

Focus & Energy

PTSD & Depression

Self Development

What's the science?

There are many elite educational, government, and research institutions that have conducted studies on the power of breathing exercises and support them as being an effective practice for reducing stress, anxiety, symptoms of PTSD, depression, and helping with falling asleep or waking up. We have curated some those articles and studies here!

"Breath control helps quell errant stress response"

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"Proper Breathing Brings Better Health"

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Self-Regulation of Breathing as an Adjunctive Treatment of Insomnia

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"Tbh, I bought it because i saw my favorite influencer had one. But now I  absolutely lovee my b"

Kayla B.

"I used b for 15 minutes and it felt like I just walked out of therapy."

Jacob K.

"I am so glad I bought one of these. I keep it on my desk at work all day and breathe anytime I get stressed out."

Wesley T.

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